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We are a sparring partner for fitness managers. We are here to listen, to help, to improve and to achieve. Sports District has in-house Black Belt Lean Six Sigma expertise that will help you move forward. Lean and Six Sigma are two separate strategies that focus on improving quality. Achieving results efficiently and effectively is key.

Lean goes all out for maximum customer value and hits hard when it comes to waste. Smooth, fast process flows are the main target. Lean techniques helps to create a mistake-proof organization with a sharp customer focus and is therefore the designer for an organized working atmosphere.

Six Sigma, on the other hand, offers a structured approach with a strong focus on analysis. Statistics are used to determine the cause of variation in order to be able to target defects. All decisions are made based on data. Demonstrating root-causes for problems based on facts and figures, is the starting point.


Are you in need of someone who investigates:  

  • If morning classes could be successful in your club? 
  • Why certain classes perform less than others? 
  • How to attract more members to your club? 
  • How members discover your club and classes? 
  • How to set up the most efficient lay-out?  

Sports District helps you to find the answers to these questions. We unburden.


Together we improve in order to achieve spectacular results. With the help of useful Lean tools you can achieve a next level in your club, always with a strong customer focus. Let’s go for a healthier future and get more people moving. Together.


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