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Sports District provides premium workouts of high quality, being very accessible and including a lot of fun. All our workout programs are carefully designed out of a passion for fitness and health. All workouts are available at all fitness levels and offer different levels per exercise to customize the workout. Our goal is to enjoy moving, sweating, laughing and dancing. Together!

Our workout programs can be attended in sports clubs officially licensed by Sports District and will only be teached by certified instructors.



high 3ff3ct

Carefully designed to get results

HIGH 3FF3CT® is a full body, cardiovascular training. This class includes a variety of athletic and sport movements to increase your heart beat. Whether you choose to do it with a high or low impact, we provide you with a huge amount of energy making you feel happy and satisfied by the end of the class. Results guaranteed both for diehards and starters.

aerobic 3ff3ct

Carefully designed to get fitter

AEROBIC 3FF3CT® is a workout combining strength and cardio exercises to develop endurance and strength. This workout is full of fun and offers you the ultimate aerobic experience through a unique combination of specific dance moves and shaping exercises.



RECHARGE 3FF3CTⓇ is a wellness class with a focus on core stability, flexibility, mobility and mental health.

This workout contains elements of yoga, pilates and meditation, ideal to recharge your batteries.


We offer you qualitative, varied workout programs and give you the opportunity to join a great sports community. New workouts and music will be released every two months (five times a year because the last two months will be a compilation of the best tracks of the respective workouts).

Do you love to share energy and get people moving? Do you have a passion for sports and fitness? Are you an instructor who is eager to teach? Are you a club that loves to pamper its members? Let’s connect!



We aim at becoming your Sports District and want to create a place where innovation, diversity and high quality come together. Therefore Sports District wants to collaborate with different authors for each workout program. Each new release gives you the possibility to become an author for a period of two months.

Are you interested in becoming part of our team? Do you want to share your creativity? Let’s connect!